Making Decision

After reading some articles about blogging and thinking many times, finally I arrived to execution that is not easy to do. That is making decision.

I have to make decision right now if I want to develop my career as writer, journalist either as blogger.

Making decision, sometimes, is not easy to do. It takes time. Even, it can make confused, stressed and frustrated. Therefore, if someone is in that situation, he needs someone to get advises, second opinion. In that matter, he should not thinking alone. He needs book and readings as reference.

I got the situation last time. Thanks to Google so I can have many references by typing keyword in the search tab.

The problem was which one is better, blogging in English or in my mother tongue language? This is quite difficult do conclude by some reason.

I read articles of some bloggers that explain the pros and cons blogging in English.

Here are some points as I compare to myself.

  • Blogging in English is better to reach to readership. My articles on my blog would be widely read by more people from around the world. As I quoted from Internet World Stats, there are 1,462,008,909 (estimate in 2018) internet users (netizens) using English. English is the number one top ten language used in the web. There are 1,052,764,386 websites using English, or about 70 percent of whole website in the world.
Top Ten Language in the Internet
Top Ten Language in the Internet
  • Blogging is making connection. I will not limit myself to connect to people around the world. I believe, weaving connection to people from different background and culture will enrich the meaning of life. So, why should I limit myself by only writing in one language? It will be possible by writing in English. That would be glad if readers from different countries understand my story.
  • I do not want lesson what I have learn lost by lack of practice. I used to study English language in school even at university. Therefore, it will be useless if I do not use the language to support my job and my career. I want to sustain my ability in English writing.
  • Expand my career as freelance writer and blogger. If I want to expand my career as a freelance writer, journalist and blogger, I should not limit my potential career only writing in Indonesian language. I have many articles have published on Indonesian publications, such as newspaper, magazine, book and blog. This is the time to add my portfolio in English.

What else?

I think I have the points and I have made decision that blogging in English is one of my priority right now. I believe, this decision is right and will make my blogging activity more colourful, expand my career as writer and journalist. Moreover, at last, add more friends, partners and clients from around the world.

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