Enjoy Sumatran Coffee in Its Hub City

Enjoy Sumatran coffee in its hub city. It would be a nice moment, especially for you all coffee lovers. Maybe, you only drink your coffee in coffee place that you never knew the origin of the beans. Or, you brew coffee that you bought in supermarket and you never knew the source. But, what if you drink of the best coffee in the world in the place where the beans from.

I used to found and ran a coffee blog but then I close it by many reasons. But, the result was, I have wrote a book about coffee, titled Medan Coffee Guide. It is a book about city guide about where to go if you want to have nice coffee in Medan city.

If you are traveling in Medan city, or Toba Lake destinations in North Sumatra, your traveling is not accomplished yet if you have not drink cups of Sumatra coffee. Why? Because, this is the hub city of Sumatran coffee. So, it is something “a must” thing to do.

According to history, in the 18th century, coffee from many coffee farms around Sumatra was transported Medan and have been export to Europe, United Stated and countries in Asia like Japan, North Korea and China. Indonesia Sumatran coffees have been exported from Belawan port in Medan.

Sumatran coffee plantations occupy provinces and regions from Aceh, Lampung, Jambi, North Sumatra, West Sumatra. Some famous Sumatran coffees are, Mandheling coffee (North Sumatra, Gayo coffee (Aceh), Lintong Coffee (North Sumatra), Kerinci coffee (Jambi), Solok coffee (West Sumatra), Sidikalang coffee (North Sumatra), and nowadays from Karo (North Sumatra) near Sidikalang.

Eventhough, there is no coffee plantation in Medan, but coffee trading from the city have brought coffee culture and tradition. No wonder if coffee have been part of almost every family’s kitchen in Medan. Since about five years ago, influenced by European, Japanese and USA coffee industry, there are so many coffee places in Medan. Some of them adapted from Western style, and the rest insist of traditional concept.

Right now, I want to take you over some coffee places in Medan city. I hope you get informed well, and if someday you come to this city, I hope this article could be your guidance. Enjoy your reading!

Here are the coffee places…

  1. Kedai Kopi Apek

Hindu Street, Kesawan Medan
No Wi-fi

Kedai Kopi Apek is one of the oldest coffee places in Medan. It was found by Thaia Tjo Lie (Apek) and his wife Lee King Lien in 1922. In local term, the place like Apek called “kopitiam” or “kedai kopi” that means place where people have some coffee in the morning after breakfast.

Kedai Kopi Apek, Medan
Kedai Kopi Apek, Medan

Apek brews blend arabica and Robusta coffee and brew the coffee traditionally by using coffee filter made of gauze. The coffee brewed using boiled water. So, aroma of coffee will be spreading widely when brewing. People usually drink coffee in the morning there. Apek also prepare toast, boiled egg and you may also order fried noodle from some food stall across the street. Just called loudly,” I want to have fried noodle!” It’s ok…

But, you have to note that Apek only open from 7 AM until 1 PM. Most of the customers come in morning before going to work. And, sorry there is no wi-fi connection at Apek.

  1. Macehat Coffee

Karo Street No. 20
Free Wi-fi

The coffee place that located at Karo Street 20 Medan was named Macehat—stand for makanan, cepat, sehat (food, fast, healthy). Macehat is one of pioneer of specialty coffee shop in Medan while the roast their own bean after buying from farmer.

Macehat Coffee
Macehat Coffee

They process the bean from the farmer in Karo highland and roast based on their need. And, guess what? Many people come to Macehat to have good espresso and later their signature drink called Avocado Coffee.

  1. Tiptop

Ahmad Yani Street, Kesawan Medan
No wi-fi

Actually, Tiptop is a restaurant, but the place often chosen for having local coffee. Like Kedai Kopi Apek, Tiptop is also known as the heritage of Medan coffee culture and culinary. The restaurant was built in 1920’s. In the time, government officials in the Dutch colonial often going to Tiptop for having lunch, dinner and often for tea or coffee party.

Tip Top Medan
Tip Top Medan

Nowadays, local people and tourist go there for same purpose but with sense of nostalgia of colonial era. People having their coffee time with Robusta coffee from Sidikalang (one of the district of North Sumatra). But, no free wi-fi there.

  1. Anonimo Coffee

Amir Hamzah Street No 219
Paid wi-fi

Anonimo Coffee is coffee shop that offering the sense of local Sumatra coffee, specially Mandheling and Gayo. The coffee shop is more than Medan’s oldies coffee shops, since the coffee shop using espresso machine and manual brewer like pour over V60, chemex, aeropress, to brew their coffee.

Anonimo Coffee
Anonimo Coffee

The coffee shop only brew Indonesia—specially Sumatra arabica coffees in purpose to expose the local coffee culture and heritage.

  1. Waknoer

Uskup Agung Street
Free Wi-fi

If you want to have coffee time in the center of Medan city but without noisy traffic of transportation and another city pollution, so Waknoer is the right place to be chosen. Waknoer is like home where you may enjoy coffee with private conversation or business deal.

Kedai Kopi Waknoer
Kedai Kopi Waknoer

What about the coffee? Sure, Waknoer prepares specialty coffee from Sumatra like Mandheling and Gayo brewed with espresso machine and manual brewers like pour over V60 or chemex. If you need to feed, just order western, oriental, or local food, or at least cakes for bread.

  1. Repvblik Kopi

Setia Budi Sreet
Pemuda Street
Free Wi-fi

Repuvblik Kopi adapts the concept of old kopitiam in Medan like Kedai Kopi Apek and Tiptop. It combines vintage style of local coffee shop with art Nuovo architecture that brought by Dutch colonial in the 18th century. So, that’s why the building does not uses air conditioner because the building itself has high plafond.

Repvblik Kopi

But, Repvblik Kopi does not brew single origin specialty coffee even though the beans are planted in Sumatra coffee plantation, such as Sidikalang, Lintong and Gayo. Repvblik has own house blend that mix coffees from different origins that brewed by using espresso machine and coffee filter, Turkish ibrik, French press and Vietnam drip. Remember, there is no food menu for dinner or lunch in this coffee place but only snacks, boiled egg, fried banana with caramel and toast.

  1. Morning Glory Coffee

Amir Hamzah Street
Free Wi-fi

Morning Glory Coffee Medan

Morning Glory Coffee combines coffee shop and spa, that’s why ladies like to enjoy time in the place. Besides, there are some food menu for lunch and dinner. While, the coffee brewing at this place no need to worry. Why? Because, coffee is the trademark of this place. Beside standard recipe like espresso, cappuccino, latte, people may order another drink like fruits juices.

The interior design of Morning Glory Coffee combines Bali culture and modern architecture. With the coffee atmosphere that offered, no wonder if this place is one the best choice for meeting, private conversation or event just for enjoy me-time.

  1. The Thirtysix

Multatuli Street 36
Free Wi-fi

Like its name, The Thirtysix Coffee located at Multatuli Street 36. No worry to say, that this is one of the specialty coffee shop in Medan that brews specialty coffee to their customer. Thirtysix process their coffee by themselves after buying from farmer or coffee trader.

The Thirty six Coffee
The Thirtysix Coffee

The roaster of the coffee place roasts coffee in order to fulfill the customer needs. Thirtysix coffee bean from Sumatra, like Gayo, Mandheling, Simalungun and another places in Indonesia. Not only coffee, Thirtysix also prepares western food, Asian food, vary of snacks and… beer.

Almost same like Waknoer, Thirtysix concept is like home. Having coffee just like at home. There is also an open area at the backyard of the coffee place, where people may freely enjoy their time for smoking and music.

  1. Coffeenatics

Cik Ditiro Street
Free Wi-fi

Adapting coffee culture from Australia, Coffeenatics offering different coffee concept that previously exist in Medan city. The coffee place brings another level of coffee concept for people who want to enjoy coffee time just like in Australia.


So, if you are still feel jetlag, you should come to Coffeenatics and order espresso, cappuccino, latte that using bean from Afrika, Brazil or Toraja (Sulawesi). Besides, there are so many vary western foods to choose here.

  1. Opal Coffee

Amir Hamzah Street
Free Wi-fi

Well, Opal Coffee owned by of the coffee exporter in Medan, even in Indonesia—PT. Sari Makmur. So, many people think that Opal coffee shop is like the company’s showroom, but in fact it’s seriously a coffee shop that prepares coffee with best quality and prepares foods for lunch and dinner.

Opal Coffee

Opal is more highly standard both of menu and price. But, it doesn’t matter, Opal is one of the recommended coffee place to visit in Medan. Not only, having coffee time, the coffee shop has coffee gallery that expose some variant of coffee bean from many Indonesia coffee plantations. So, at Opal coffee you’ll have good coffee, also education.

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