Prime Steakhouse JW Marriott Medan Launches New A la Carte Menu

As one predicated best steakhouse in the city of Medan, Prime Steakhouse JW Marriott Medan recently inaugurated a la carte menu as a whole. Updates A la Carte Menu is made possible by the merger of Gihon Chef Amin who has experience of over 12 years in the kitchens of various leading hotels including Dubai and Maldives.

Lifting concept Chicago Style, where Chicago is one of the city’s best steak in the world, Prime Steakhouse interior design was made with a classic and classy furniture wooden table and lamp light bulb that is not too bright but it gives the impression of luxury and comfort. Until recently, Prime Steakhouse is one of the favorite reference for the special occasion such as Anniversary and Birthday dining in the city of Medan.

A la carte new menus have some differences with the previous; in the new menus, the type of food in each category are now more choices with platting a more attractive and appetizing taste. All of the menus are decoction of the Prime Steakhouse team with very experienced in fine dining Chef Amin.

In terms of side dishes, the potatoes turned out to not only be served as French Fries or Mashed Potato course. “There are many other creations that can be made as a side dish of potatoes,” explains Chef Amin Gihon which also combines molecular gastronomy in the new menus of Prime Steakhouse’s.

One mainstay menu at Prime Steakhouse is Australian Wagyu Beef Tenderloin 220 g, Australian beef which is hybrid between Japanese Kobe beef with Australia local beef. The beef grading is Marbling No. 5 which is a category Excellent in BMS.

Chef Amin choose to cook a steak with pan-fried method to avoid fat and seasoning permeated his whole compared with the grill method.

In order to reach more circles to be able to try the tasting menus at Prime Steakhouse, ‘Dish of the Day’ is now offered at Prime Steakhouse, where a special menu was served different every day with smaller portions and a more affordable price of only IDR 300,000 ++. Moreover, on Wednesday there are available free local draft beer to accompany your steak.

To reserve a spot or for more information guests can call +62 61 4100 6600.

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