Karibia Boutique Hotel Celebrates 4th Anniversary


Karibia Boutique Hotel celebrates 4th anniversary this weekend, on November 6. In celebration of this time, the hotel providing discounted room up to 50% of a normal day.

Anniversary celebration event was enlivened with various activities such as the Karibia Idol, cutting cone and dance Maumere.

Front Office Manager Karibia Boutique Hotel, Rado Mourentino Nainggolan mentioned, the anniversary bring tagline “team work makes everything possible”. The event was more festive than in previous years because there was the appearance of Karibia Idol by involving all departments by displaying their work through singing.

General Manager Caribbean Boutique Hotel, Erni said with the age, by the anniversary Karibia Boutique Hotel could be more advanced and able to compete with other competitors.

Owner Caribbean Boutique Hotel Lyly Zainab appreciated the activities were held in order to enliven the 4th anniversary. He also hoped that in the future, the Karibia Boutique Hotel could more exist.

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