The Growth of Hotel in Medan

Adimulia Hotel, Medan. Photo is courtesy of Topotels

If you enter keywords ‘hotel in Medan’ in Google, you will find many pages that inform you same information. But, as we are living in Medan, we know more about Medan that what people say in based on their first sight.

Nowadays, the growth of hotel in Medan is going on. As the third largest cities in Indonesia, investment in hotel industry looks so potential. In 2016, at least, there are two new hotels open in the city, they are Adimulia Hotel at Dipenegoro Street and Grandhika Hotel at Dr. Mansyur Street. The two hotels increase the quantity of hotel in Medan.

Adimulia Hotel is a four stars hotel. The hotel has same level with other hotels in Medan, like Hotel Danau Toba International Hotel, Inna Dharma Deli (used to be called as Hotel De Boer), Grand Angkasa Hotel, Grand Aston International Hotel, Grand Swiss-Belhotel, Santika Premiere Dyandra Hotel & Convention, Grand Serela Hotel and five stars JW Marriot Hotel.

While Grandhika Hotel as a three stars hotel, compete with other hotel in the hotel market in the city. The hotel has same level with the older hotels, we may say like Garuda Plaza Hotel, Karibia Boutique Hotel, Hermes Palace Hotel, Grand Sakura Hotel, Hotel Candi, Anaya Hotel, Grand Antares and the others.

Medan is a business city. In tourism industry, the position of the city become transit city before going to other travel destinations in North Sumatra, such as Toba Lake, Tangkahan, Bukit Lawang, and other.

Right now, Indonesia is developing three major travel destinations, include Toba Lake. We suppose that’s one of the reason why hotel industry become so interesting in the city. As business and transit city, hotel room business will be more potential.

The growth of hotel in Medan indicates that the city will become more interesting for tourists from any country around the world. As a gate of travel destination in North Sumatra, the city has become more strategic than other countries in Southeast Asia.

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