Kesawan, the Old Landmark of the City

Medan is one of the iconic cities in Indonesia. Why? Because this is city which still has many heritage building which built by Dutch in around 18th century. Until now, some building still standing on the first time they had built. One of the place people may see the heritage is Kesawan at Ahmad Yani Street.

London Sumatra (Lonsum) is one of the iconic and famous heritage building in Medan city. Now, the building used as an office of one the Indonesia big company. The other are the City Hall which connected to Grand Aston City Hall.

One of the reason why people around the world come to Medan for the heritage building. The other famous building is Tip Top restaurant, the place where tourist enjoy the European atmosphere. The other one is Tjong Afie Mansion, the old oriental building that was built by Tjong Afie, one of the local trader in the time.

Tourist enjoy spend their time there when lunch, dinner time or when drink tea or coffee in the afternoon. Kesawan is the old landmark of the city which still give the uniqueness. So, visiting Medan, everyone should go to Kesawan too.

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