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Man with hobby

Do you have hobby?

I have hobby. I love playing guitar. I have started playing guitar since I was teenager when I saw a man playing guitar and sang Guns N’ Roses’ song titled Sweet Child o’ Mine. Since then, I want to be a guitarist. Then, I learned to play guitar in my spare time.

Times went on and I become a man with hobby. That is playing guitar. When I was in senior high school, I was become guitarist in my school band. My hobby then continued when I was in college. I was playing guitar with my band.

We played Nirvana’ songs, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Bon Jovi and Indonesian songs. But, I quit from my band since I started my career as journalist. I was not playing guitar for a long time. I only played guitar to kill boring time. I never join band anymore.

My musical experience changed since I listened classical guitar. Then, I bought a classical guitar. My first classical guitar was Yamaha C 315. I bought it about 15 years ago and still sounds good until now.

I began to play classical guitar after looking my friend played some classical pieces arranged by Nicollo Paganini, Mateo Carcassi, Fernando Sor, Johan Sebastian Bach, Isaac Albeniz and Fransesco Tarrega. Sincet then, I hung my electrical guitar for a long time and learned classical guitar.

Yamaha C 315

I am not a full-time guitarist. For me, playing guitar is just a hobby.

My real job for living is as writer, journalist and blogger. Sometime I feel so sad when looking someone able to reach his dream as guitarist, the dream that I ever had in my mine last years.

So, playing guitar is just like a dream never come true. But, I never blame guitar because I love it from my heart. I don’t know why I really love guitar so much, even since I was a child. I always exciting when listening guitar sound and always feel amazed when looking someone playing guitar.

Until now, I still play this guitar. My favorite piece are Tarrega’s arrangements. His pieces are so rich of sense such as happiness, sadness, loneliness and sometime admiration to his hometown and art of architecture. One of them is Grand Vals that become used for the famous Nokia tune.

The time flies so fast and sometime I realize it is impossible to rewind the time so I can learn to play guitar again from the beginning without interrupted by another thing. But, the time is now and the future. I have to move forward through the life.

I feel so lucky that I can play guitar even though my profession is not musician. Never to blame myself or anyone. I believe God have another plan to my life. I never cried and disappointed and angry about why become guitarist is not my destiny. I am okay with what I have now.

I have my Yamaha C 315 beside me. O ya, I have another Yamaha classical guitar that I bought about months ago—not C 315 series but higher level. I will tell about the guitar on my next guitar story. Yes, I will never stop loving guitar. I will play as long as I can play.