May 20, 2018 0 Comments Blogging

The reasons I still keep blogging

I have started blogging since 2007 when my friend in office introduced me WordPress platform. He recommended me to compile my travel articles into a blog. Why not? That was good idea, so I did that my friend’s suggestion. Then, beside write article for the newspaper I was working for, I also write article on my blog.

What I have learn from my new hobby for the following years? There are so many advantages and benefit that I have got from blogging.

  1. Not wasting time

Many people waste their time by doing nothing. Blogging make me never waste time. At least I have to think what next that will I write on my blog?

  • Improve writing skill

Blogging is writing or nowadays create content, not only article by photo, video or info graphic. Yeah, at least write article continuously will improve writing skill. Writing is not just typing words, but also thinking a valuable things to be share.

  • Selling services

For me, blogging is not just sharing idea,story or opinion but also let people know my skills. Yes, I sell my service to people who need. I sell my writing skill to write autobiography book, making WordPress based blog, editing articles and more. Please take a look my service page here. 

  • Making money

I have to be honest, yes, money. But money is not my short term target in blogging. Beside sell my skill service, I make money by attaching Google Adsense on my blog, affiliate program, sponsored article and sometime invited as speaker.

  • Self-motivation

Blogging teach me about self-motivation. Howto be entrepreneur by selling skill and persuade to be more creative. When you have made decision to start blogging, so you also have made decision for not stop the step that you have begun. Keep moving, do not stop.

That are my five reasons why I still blogging. What about you, do have personal reasons?