May 12, 2018 0 Comments Daily Life

What is Varagraf?

There is no term varagraf in dictionary both in Bahasa Indonesia as my mother tongue and English. I got the word from my imagination when I was thinking about a domain presenting my niche blog content. Varagraf derived from visual and paragraf (in Indonesian means paragraph).

What is that mean? The point of view is I want to tell story not only by using text that I arrange from paragraph to paragraph, but also visual content such as photograph and video that I post on my YouTube channel.

Before, I was blogging in Bahasa Indonesia. It have been so long time before I decide to run a blog in English. My motivation to blog in English is very simple. I want to maintenance my English that have so long time not practicing the language both in writing.

So, what content category that will I post on this blog?

Actually, I am not a type of blogger that only loyal to one only topic. I love to share what I like. I love to tell story about human interest,writing news and features, interview people. I will tell you my experience as Indonesian. My culture, heritage and topics that I think has value to share. I will not waste my time to useless things.

I am now living in Medan city with my family: my wife and two daughters. I am Bataknese, one of famous tribe in Indonesia beside Java,Sulawesi, Malay and many more. My hometown is Balige, about 250 kilometers or six hours trip by car from Medan city. My hometown has beach, Lake Toba beach called Bulbul Beach, one of the Lake Toba destination beside Samosir.

O yeah. Up next, I will tell many stories to you. Do not worry, I will try to make my blog feels very personal. If you do not want to leave my story behind, please subscribe this blog. And, do not hesitate to email me if you want to ask deeply about my story.